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Dalby Forest Rock Garden

About our events

1X Enduro is about having fun and testing yourself by racing in an Enduro format over a shorter event.

There are 4 stages per race day all with professional timing on every stage. After a timed stage you make your way (transfer) in between, these transfers are not timed and do not count for the overall standing. Although we do set a last arrival time.

The Detail

  • Professional timing on all stages.
  • Four stages all timed live.
  • All four stage times will be added together and fastest cumulative total time will used for the results.

Race Catagories/Classes

  1. Pro-Am Men
  2. Pro-AM Women
  3. Senior 18-29
  4. Master 30-39
  5. Veteran 40
  6. Hardtail
  7. E-Bikes
  8. Overall (Just because a Senior could win it all, E-Bikes excluded from Overall)

Hardtail Bikes?

If your weapon of choice is something like the Orbea Laufey or you have made your own trail weapon then why not race it in a category that is fair.


Pedal Assist Bicycles are get for riders who need them, have a health issue, that doesn’t mean that you cant keep up your hobby. Fed up of riding back to the top at your local bike park, it doesn’t matter we have a special e-Bike category to race against each other.


This category is for the more experienced racers to have some fun racing and get some practice in for other UK and Worldwide events.

Overtaking Slower Riders

We all have our speed of racing some are fitter & faster then others which can lead to fast riders catching up slower riders on the stage.

If a faster rider is behind you on a timed stage, be polite and allow them to pass. If you are the faster rider, be patient and give lots of warning and clear directions as to what side you will pass. For example; shout left, if you intend to pass on the left hand side of the rider in front.

If you over take a slower rider on the stage then you can continue in front of the slower rider for the start of the stage. This will stop the faster rider always catching the same rider again in the next stage.

Time Controls (TC)

At the start of each stage there will be a time control. In the interest of safety each stage has a cut off time. You must reach the TC no later then your start time which you will be advised of with your stage start times.




There are 4 stages in each event, with transfers in between these transfers are not timed and do not count for the overall standing.
Timed stages close at a specified time, to ensure the event finishes on time. Riders will be notified at registration on the morning of the event.
Time Controls are used check riders in ready for the stage start time.

An all mountain bike is ideal for these races but any mountain bike is allowed

  • Hardtail
  • XC (100-120mm)
  • Trail / Enduro (130mm-170mm)
  • Downhill bikes are not recommended with the riding in-between transfer stages.
  • Only one Bicycle can be used during an event, including any transition stages.
  • Competitors must start and finish the competition on the same frame, fork and wheels.


  • A helmet conforming to technical regulation 8.6.1 must be worn during all race and transition stages.
  • Knee and elbow protectors are advisable.
  • All Competitors must be self sufficient and prepared for a varying climate as well as any basic mechanical repairs.
  • Consideration should be given to the nature of the course and the length of time the event may take to complete.
  • This course is marked with signs and with some sections that are taped if a specific line should be taken on the stage.
  • If a competitor leaves the trail/course, they must re-enter at the same point and must restore the tape as they found it.
  • If a rider is spotted cutting a special stage course by a marshal they will be disqualified.

Timing Rules

  • Each rider receives a start time for each stage.
  • In the interest of safety there is a cut off time, you will be advised of this in your stage start times.
  • There will be minimum 30 second time intervals between riders starting a special stage or more depending on the nature of the track.
  • If you stop to help an injured rider you may repeat the stage. You must first check out of the stage, then cycle back up the hill without assistance in this case.
  • If, while passing a slower rider, you cause them to crash or run off the course, you may be disqualified.
  • You may NOT repeat the stage if you suffer a mechanical failure on course.
  • Riders who retire must return to the registration tent as soon as possible and follow the instructions of race marshals.
  • The ranking of each competitor is the total sum of the special stage times, plus any time penalties.
  • In the unlikely event of a tie after 4 stages, the competitor with the fastest final stage time will win, if there is still a tie then we will use the count back rule to decide the final finishing places.
  • The Rules may be changed depending on light and weather conditions.